Eddy Dyer Lowell, Massachusetts

"This is amazing music" - Kramer (Shimmy Disc)

Lowell, Massachusetts songsmith Eddy Dyer has just released “Love Is At The Heart Of This Thing, Right?”, which stands to confirm Dyer’s reputation as an edgy, unpredictable artist, skating effortlessly between genre and sub-genre as the song at hand necessitates.

Dyer is also half of The Droimlins, Celtic Gypsy Punk
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Track Name: I've Been Here For You
from "Explosion Alone" 1999
That Promising Seadog Media

"Combining blues, folk, and good old fashioned punk rock, Explosion Alone is an intricate landscape of sound—a spare psych-folk acoustic masterpiece."

produced by Eddy Dyer

cover art by Kevin Mertens